The peeps over at the Local Search Powerhouse, Yelp announced Monday that they have added mobile usage stats for business owners who have claimed their free Yelp business tools profile. This data will be made available via their weekly business roundup emails. The data being included consist of:

  • How many people looked at a business page from the Yelp app
  • How many people called a business from the Yelp app
  • How many people generated directions to a business from the Yelp app
  • How many people “checked in” to a business via the Yelp app

Additionally, a few weeks back, Yelp released a few impressive aggregate statistics. Aside from the relatively obvious stat that the iPhone app was turning in some impressive numbers, the stat that really stood out to the Words Go Here team was the volume of phone calls the Yelp mobile app has helped facilitate. Yelp has declared that (averaged out) every 5 seconds, someone is using their mobile app to call a local business.

This is a significant moment for those of us dedicated to local search. We are starting to see, thanks to actual and valid usage data, the transition of local search from the traditional experience of a computer and browser to the ‘right information at the right time’ notion of information retrieval synonymous with mobile browsing. This new data, though simple, is going to enhance our abilities to suggest the right types of promos and specials as well as be transparent and accountable for the quality and success of those suggestions.

If you work with a brick and mortar SMB that has a retail experience, now is the time to really be considering how to position them on Yelp. There has yet to be a more compelling reason for claiming a free profile as this new development.