Whitespark SEO Logo Darren Shaw of Whitespark SEO and Garrett French and Ben Willis from Ontolo have collaborated to launch a promising new tool, Local Citation Finder. Being both an advocate and practitioner of local search, it made me excited to see a new tool like this making its way on the scene. In the event that you need a quick refresher on citations, take a quick pass of the role citations play in local search.

The premise of the tool is rather simple, yet impressive; quickly aggregate citation sources. Ontolo recently published an in-depth post about underlying concepts of this tool. It was titled “Phone Number Co-Citation Analysis for Local Link Builders”. If you have not been exposed to this post, please take the time to go read, study and internalize what they are suggesting.

The interface is straight forward. You type in the location centric citation keyterm you are wanting to research. In this case, “Burgers and Fries Nashville”. Then pick Google.com or Google.ca and hit submit. Your request is thrown in the system’s queue and in about 10 minutes (or less), you have a lovely little email with the compiled data for your requested citation keyterm. By hand, this is something that can take hours, if not days to fetch and compile.

Local Citation Finder Email ResultsThe results are very clean and easy to sort. They include results for the local listings, (i.e. the map pack), unique domains where the citation term can be found, and a relatively comprehensive list of the specific URLs where said citation keyterm is. Each section has a lovely little stick count as well to help you get a quick sense of the density of results relative to your requested citation keyterm. As if that weren’t enough, this data can give you some really solid ideas on potential sources for your future citation development efforts!

This tool is effortlessly providing high value data that offers huge benefit to those in the Local Search community. Though, the presentation/portability of this data is a touch limited at the moment, I would speculate (really, speculate, as I do not know) that the smarts behind the Local Citation Finder are sorting out things like .csv downloads and possibly API accessibility for future updates. For now, we must be patient and use the Local Citation Finder often to help encourage future enhancements.

If you do anything with local search, I would encourage you to take the time to sign up for this exceptional new tool.